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The Three Best Road Trips Under Three Hours

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   14 Jul 2017

Summer calls for adventure, and quite often, that starts with a road trip.

Lyndhurst can get pretty quiet in the summer months, but there’s plenty to do nearby. From a day-trip to New York, to exploring the boardwalk, New Jersey has so much to offer.

Here are our top three picks for summer road trips that are under three hours from Lyndhurst: Atlantic City

Just a two-hour drive away, Atlantic City is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the whole state of New Jersey (but not because of MTV’s Jersey Shore). Loaded with restaurants, casinos, shops, hotels, and everything in-between, Atlantic City is New Jersey’s best resort town and the summer months are when it really comes to life.

New Jersey State Fair

Held every year in August, the New Jersey State Fair takes place at the Sussex County Fairgrounds. For almost 40 years, the fair has provided entertainment through festivals, exhibitions, vendors, and various cultural events. Located in Augusta, the drive to the Fair is less than an hour away from Lyndhurst. Get up close and personal with baby farm animals, hop on a ride or two at the carnival, or participate in arts and crafts-making. There’s plenty to do at this all-day event and it’s perfect for young couples or families.

Belmar Beach

New Jersey’s beaches are some of the finest along the Atlantic Ocean, and the summer months are when they’re in their prime. Belmar Beach has been a long-time favorite for locals and tourists alike. This 1.3-mile beach features along boardwalk where beachgoers can relax and walk around. A popular surfing spot, Belmar has been voted as the number one beach the State of New Jersey in past beach competitions. Several blocks of the boardwalk are designated for kayaking, surfing, and longboarding and the beaches have public volleyball nets. Located in the borough of Belmar, this beach is an hour away from Lyndhurst and easily accessible by car.

Are you looking to get out of Lyndhurst this summer? Before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle is ready to go! Book a service appointment at Amaral Auto Sales and take advantage of our summer service specials. Call us today at (201) 351-2990 or contact us online to reserve your spot.

Why We're The Best Service Shop In Town

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   15 Jun 2017

Getting your vehicle serviced isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite thing to do.

Having access to a reliable vehicle is important, so when it’s in the shop, it’s only natural that you’ feel a bit stuck. When you’ve got things to do and places to be, without your car, it can be hard.

Amaral Auto Sales recognizes and respects that our customers lead busy lives. And that’s why we go above and beyond to make your visit comfortable and stress-free with our state-of-the-art amenities.

Get Comfortable

What would you normally be doing as you wait for your vehicle to be repaired or serviced? Most people opt to arrange a ride with a friend and go home. At Amaral Auto Sales, we’ve created a comfortable waiting area that will make you never want to leave! Complete with free Wi-Fi and cable TV, you can kick back and relax, or even get some extra work done while you wait. We offer complimentary coffee, tea, and water so you don’t have to worry about finding your way to a vending machine or cafe on foot.

We’ll Come Get You

When you service your vehicle at Amaral Auto Sales, you don’t need to worry about calling your friends or family for a lift. We’re happy to offer our clients free shuttle service within a 10-mile radius of our dealership! That means we’ll take you wherever you need to be, whether it’s back into the city for work, or in the surrounding area. Amaral Auto Sales is conveniently located just half a mile from Lyndhurst Station, which means you can easily catch a train while you wait. Instead of waiting around at the dealership, you have the option to continue on with your day, which not only saves you time, but means you’ll make the most out of your day while we work on restoring your vehicle.

Are you looking for quick and easy service in Lyndhurst, New Jersey? Look no further than Amaral Auto Sales. We’ll restore your ride in no time, and while you wait, we’ll make the experience comfortable and pleasant. Call us today at (201) 351-2990 or book your service appointment online.

Make Money Back With Amaral’s Referral Program

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   15 May 2017

Have you ever had such a great customer service experience that you can’t wait to tell your friends and family all about it? With Amaral Auto’s Referral program, you also get paid for it!

When you mention the outstanding car buying experience you had with the friendly sales staff here at Amaral Auto Sales, you’re automatically eligible to take home $100.00 when your friends or family members buy a vehicle with us. Your opinion and comments regarding your visit to our dealership mean the world to us, and this is our way of saying thank you for your additional business and support.

Get Paid, Get Discounts

If you know someone that is in the market for a new vehicle, and you had an amazing experience here with us, then it doesn’t hurt to come right back! When your friend or family member makes a purchase from our dealership, you earn $100.00 with no strings attached. Whether you choose to spend that on ice cream or towards your first service appointment, that's up to you!

All of our pre-owned vehicles for sale are of the highest quality and come with a CarFax report. Just like you wouldn’t let your friend or family member buy just any old car, neither would we! A CarFax report gives you a full history of your vehicle, including any and all accidents or collisions, repairs and maintenance, driver history, and even its legal status. They will know that their vehicle is accident-free and how the previous owner cared for it.

10% Off Service For You and a Friend

When you purchase a vehicle, it’s inevitable that down the road, you’ll need to book a regular service appointment. Scheduled maintenance keeps your vehicle looking and sounding as good as it did the day you drove it off the lot. Amaral Auto Sales’ Referral Program also gives you both 10% off when your referral books a service with Amaral!

Have a friend in need of an affordable and reliable vehicle? Look no further than Amaral Auto Sales. We’re New Jersey’s number one choice for high-quality, pre-owned vehicles and Dealer Rater's winner of the Consumer Satisfaction award for NJ three years running! Shop our used vehicle inventory today! Need more information? Give us a call directly at (201) 351-2990 or contact us online for further assistance.

DealerRater Honors Amaral For 3rd Straight Year

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   25 Apr 2017

DealerRater Honors Amaral for 3rd Straight Year

We work hard for each and every customer who email, call, and walk through our doors. For a third year in-a-row, we have been honored with DealerRater’s Customer Satisfaction Award. It feels great to know we’re living up to our loyal customers’ expectations. In fact, in 2016 we were named New Jersey’s Dealership of the Year by DealerRater! We are still so humbled by the recognition.

There’s no such thing as “good enough” and we’re going to keep working hard for our loyal customers and hope to continue receiving these amazing acknowledgements. You're invited to share your own Amaral Auto Sales experiences, post a review on DealerRater today!

“Great selection of nice looking vehicles! Really nice salespeople! Courteous, concerned, flexible and not pushy. Good sales experience! Would highly recommend buying a car and servicing at this dealership.” - Actual DealerRater Review from Lisa

So, what is DealerRater?

DealerRater is a premier review website focused solely on automotive dealerships. This is the site that most car, truck, and SUV buyers go first when deciding on a dealership to do business with. We encourage you to check out our DealerRater profile and read honest reviews from our real customers.

“From the moment I stepped into Amaral, it was a very easy going experience. Matt was very helpful and I felt very comfortable speaking to him. He was well mannered and knowledgeable. I will refer people to see him going forward. The whole Amaral team was a pleasure to work with.” - Actual DealerRater Review from Gabe

Submit Your Own Review

It only takes a few short minutes to post your honest review on DealerRater. Share your thoughts on your experience at Amaral Auto Sales with other car shoppers. Buying a vehicle is a major investment, help guide your in-market neighbors by voicing your opinions of us publicly.

If you're in the market for a quality car, truck, van, or SUV, contact Amaral Auto Sales today. Our award-winning staff will work hard to get you into a quality pre-owned vehicle that suits your needs and budget.

Why Your TPMS Lights Up In Cold Weather

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   06 Dec 2016

It’s that time of year again. Many of our customers are calling in with concerns about their tire pressure monitors suddenly switching on. More often than not, you don’t actually keep blowing a tire out on the road. Instead, cold weather is often the culprit behind that little warning light that casts an evil glow. As snow and freezing temperatures make their way through the northeast, TPMS respond accordingly. Once temperatures dip below 44 degrees Fahrenheit, your winter tires could soften due to cold weather. The good news is, seeing the warning light go on doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem. But, just in case, we’ve put together a list of possible causes and remedies to help you better understand your TPMS this winter.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Tires?

In the spring and summer months, you might not notice any changes in your tire pressure. This is because the weather, for the most part between those two seasons, is not much different. However, from summer to fall, and fall to winter, you’ll probably witness a drastic change. There is a direct relationship between the change in outdoor temperature and the pressure in your tires. Most tires are filled with air or a nitrogen blend, and if you installed your tires in the early spring or summer, the first breath of winter could cause the air to contract inside your tires which subsequently lowers the pressure and sets off your TPMS. Your TPMS is more likely to signal a warning light if there’s already a bit of deflation occurring in your tires, which happens unnoticeably as the seasons change. If you park your car outside in the driveway overnight in the cold, you might start to notice a change in your tires slightly faster than a driver who parks in the garage.

How Do You Know When It’s a False Alarm?

Seeing that little warning light glare as you make your morning commute can be an unnerving feeling. Of course, you want to be sure that you’re safe out on the road this winter. There are a number of ways you can keep an eye on your TPMS to identify when and when it isn’t a serious problem. The most obvious question you should ask yourself, is when the light comes on, does it stay on all day? Or does it turn off once you’re on your way? Always check your tire pressure on a bi-weekly or monthly basis in the morning when it’s the coldest. This way, you’ll be able to see by midday if it was just a case of the winter chills. When you check, remember to make sure all tires are at their recommended PSI as outlined in your owner’s manual. Once you’ve checked on your tires, hit the road. The friction generated by your vehicle causes your tires to warm up and expand as they grip the road. For this reason, you shouldn’t assess your tires after activity as the results could be misleading. The best way to diagnose your TPMS  is to stop by our dealership and have an expert take a look. With our advice, we’ll be able to tell you if your TPMS is just reacting to the cold, or has a more serious issue going on.

Other Factors That Might Affect Your TPMS

Winter weather isn’t the only culprit for a visit from the flashing TPMS button. If your TPMS warning light comes on and flashes for one second but off for three seconds, there could be a problem with the vehicle's computer. Only your dealership’s service department can fix this with the right parts and skill. If your TPMS light comes on and stays on, that’s when you know low pressure is evident in one or more tires. Inflating the tire to the recommended tire pressure should cause the light on your TPMS to switch off, but if it doesn’t, we recommend calling a professional. Modern day technologies in vehicle computer equipment is no easy DIY task and you might actually cause further damage without proper training or equipment. If left unattended, deflated tires can have many negative side effects on your vehicle. If you’ve pedalled a bicycle after popping your front wheel, you know that it takes way more energy to get it home than it did with both wheels. The same goes for your vehicle. Driving with deflated tires will negatively affect your gas mileage and place serious strain on your tires.

Is your TPMS acting up lately? Take advantage of our free seasonal check-up and get peace of mind on the roads this winter. Book a service appointment today! Have a question? Give us a call today at (201) 351-2990 or contact us online for further assistance.

The Top 5 Must Have In-Vehicle Tech Features

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   03 Nov 2016   

For many drivers, tech  features can be a big selling point. Not only do they make our lives easier, but many of today’s biggest in-vehicle tech features help to keep you safe as well as keeping you connected. When shopping for a new vehicle, the absence of a certain feature or add-on could be a deal breaker. Get to know the top safety and media tech features in the latest makes and models available at Amaral Auto Sales.

Back Up Cameras

Backup cameras are more than just a handy tool for navigating tight parking spaces. In fact, the backup camera is now considered such an integral safety feature that they will soon be available on all new models. This convenient tech feature allows you to see any obstacles or pedestrians that may be below your sight line. Displayed on the screen in your center console, you will have a clear view of what is behind you with guidelines helping you understand where the limits of your vehicle are. Backup cameras keep you, your bumper and those around you safe. What could be better than that?

Beyond the Bluetooth

Cars and phones are able to connect like never before. Features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto seamlessly integrate media, navigation and contact information from your phone into your car, truck or SUV’s entertainment console. Not only will you be able to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts or book-on-tape, but you can stay connected to friends and family without jeopardizing the safety of those around you. Newer models come with these impressive features but you can still take advantage of the impressive power of Bluetooth in some older makes and models.

Lane Departure warning

It happens to the best of us. Distractions, dark roads, rain or snow; there are many factors that can lead us to stray from our lane from time to time. Auto manufacturers have thought ahead and made systems that warn the driver when they start drifting outside of their lane. Active safety technology is growing in the automotive world and lane departure warnings are just another great piece of the safety toolkit.

Advanced LED Headlights

That’s right, we are excited about headlights and you should be too. Headlights guide us through the darkest country roads and allow us to see and be seen. LED headlamps and automatic high beam systems are starting to be more prevalent in recent model years and the reason is because they work. They may not be the most attention-grabbing feature but they are certainly one of the most useful advancements regardless of your driving habits or vehicle preferences.

In-Vehicle Wi-Fi

The future is now when you add wireless connection options to your vehicle. Some of the latest models offer optional 3G wireless connections with your phone as a hot spot. Tune into the latest in music, park and check your email, have a wireless hub on the vacations and take advantage of our ever-connected world when you add this feature to capable vehicles. While it is something you will have to pay for monthly, for those of you out there who just can’t get enough from social media, online music libraries or who need to work on the go, this is the ultimate feature for you.

Technology is ever changing but these timeless tech features will be useful for years to come. If you have any questions about available features or what will work best for you, contact a member of our sales team. Our inventory is always changing and we can help you track down exactly what you’re looking for.

Add Value To Your Vehicle With The Help Of Amaral And CarFax

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   12 Oct 2016

If you’ve ever bought a new car you likely understand the feeling of uncertainty that comes with it. Where your new car has been, how it has been treated or any major repairs it has undergone impact the value and integrity of the vehicle. Buying a used car from a private seller makes these risks even greater. Anyone can sell a car online or through auto classifieds and that’s why purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from a dealership, especially one like Amaral Auto Sales, can ease your mind. Amaral Auto is now an official CarFax Service Center. All the services and  repairs we do, including work on our pre-owned inventory, are reported to a CarFax history report. These valuable reports can make the difference between a transparent, honest car sale and you buying a lemon. As part of our commitment to our clients and community, our CarFax Service Center is here to offer a transparent sales experience and help you increase your vehicle’s resale value.

What Does a CarFax Report do for You?

As part of the CarFax Service Network, Amaral Auto’s CarFax Service Center diligently reports all repair services. This means that any services we perform on a vehicle will be tracked in CarFax records as Amaral mechanics report their services to CarFax. You can monitor all services, not just major repairs. You can view your oil changes, transmission and coolant flush and fills, brake jobs, tire rotations,and more through myCARFAX.

When you buy a pre-owned vehicle from us, you can see all the work Amaral has done on a vehicle before you purchase it. While we know you never doubted the quality of our vehicles, we want you to feel confident in your purchase. Allowing you to see that we have taken great care in providing only the highest quality service on our used vehicles makes us the most trusted dealership this side of the Lincoln Tunnel. You will know where the car you purchased was serviced, and how often, getting a read on the car's overall health. Imagine knowing the date of your new car's last oil changes, filter changes, and any red flags that may have come up along the way.

CarFax Adds Value

When you decide to move on to another vehicle, having a complete history at your fingertips adds value to your car by providing peace of mind from a nationally trusted source. This information is added to the VIN's CarFax history report automatically when you choose to have your vehicles serviced at Amaral. The same way you value knowing the story of your car, truck or SUV, the next owner will too. The trust you gain through using a professional service center should not be underestimated. Our CarFax Service center is just another reason to trust New Jersey's favourite used vehicle and service center.

Are you looking for have your vehicle serviced? Amaral Auto, CarFax and our unique SYNCHRONY financing program are here to support you. You can finance your next services on a rotating credit card with low interest and payments, allowing you to get the services that you need to be completed - when you need them. Learn more about CarFax or contact us today with questions, or concerns. Our friendly staff is here to help you with all your automotive needs.

New Jersey Road Test Catches Up With The Times

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   30 Sep 2016

It is easy to see that vehicles have changed dramatically over the past few decades. New safety technology, advances in design and fine-tuned engine performance have changed the face of driving forever. As technology improves and changes the way we drive so to should the way we are tested. Thanks to the New Jersey’s Governor’s office, the N.J. driver’s test has been changed to test the way people actually drive; with the help of active technology features such as rearview cameras and parking sensors.

Changes in Vehicle Safety 

Since its first appearance on the US market in 2002, the onboard rearview camera has been helping drivers reverse safely and saving lives. Features such as these help to prevent accidents involving children, the disabled and pedestrians by alerting the driver to anyone behind the vehicle who may be out of eyesight. In the United States, 31% of back-over accidents involve children, a major consideration in the creation of the driving safety act of 2007.  Rearview cameras have been so helpful that across the US, they will become a vital part of every vehicle’s standard safety system. As outlined by congress in the 2007 act, from 2018 onwards all new vehicles will be required to have a rear view camera as a standard feature. Since all new vehicles will be equipped with this life-saving technology it makes sense that each driver who passes their road test should be able to use it and use it properly. Where drivers have been asked to cover their cameras in the past, or even denied testing if their vehicle model includes a camera, all drivers will be able to use cameras, sensors and other safety features as part of their testing.

While they have been known to prevent accidents, having a rearview camera isn’t a replacement for responsible, careful driving. Time delays and weather can impact their effectiveness and all drivers should possess the right skills and consider their vehicle's health. Keep up with vehicle maintenance including caring for your safety features with the help of our service center. We can help you with maintaining your vehicle’s safety system to keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe on the road. We are glad to see New Jersey take this step forward with the automotive industry and are eager to see further advancements in vehicle safety technology. If you have any questions about vehicle maintenance or upgrading to a new vehicle that includes a backup camera, contact us today. We have a wide selection of luxury models available that house advanced safety technology. Come in for a test drive or take a look online today.

The Term All Vehicle Shoppers Must Know

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   22 Sep 2016   

Shopping for a bargain online is tempting. Seeing that dream vehicle dangled like a worm on a hook only to realise once you visit the lot, that the price is inflated by hidden fees, smothered with purchase conditions or not available at all. That series of events is less tempting. Getting to know the actual cost (and real value) of a vehicle can seem like a challenge. Consider finding terms like “haggle-free” pricing to be a light in the proverbial darkness.

Hit With Hidden Fees? Not With Haggle-Free Pricing

Finding a great vehicle price online can feel magical but deep within the sales contract lurks a series of hidden fees and conditions. You can end up adding thousands of dollars worth of fees before you’ve signed anything. Reconditioning fees for detailing or cleaning, certification expenses, high closing fees, repairs and more. These fees add up quickly and wash away the joy of finding a good deal. Haggle-free pricing, like the pricing we offer on our inventory, gives you the final price. No hidden fees, no lurking conditions. Just an honest and upfront price without the constant fear of paying more.

Finding quality used vehicles for sale is hard enough without worrying about the ethics of the person selling to you. Considering the actual quality of the vehicle along with the cost and associated risks of buying a pre-owned car is more than enough for a buyer to worry about. Haggle-free pricing, when added to a quality assurance program like Amaral Auto Assurance, gives you a look at the value of a used car (upfront and honest) and the comfort of knowing that your vehicle has not only been inspected by us but comes with a full vehicle history report from CarFax. This program assesses the interior, undercarriage, exterior, history, and engine for any sign of wear and tear, any quality concerns and allows us to land on the fair and affordable prices seen in our haggle-free offer. Don’t fear the dealership. There are many tools out there to help make your car buying experience a great one. Finding the right dealership is key and you can even confirm that you’ve chosen well by using websites like CarStory. CarStory uses national automotive sales data to find you the vehicle you’re looking for or give you a baseline for what pricing looks like, what a good deal is and more. This way you know what other dealerships are selling for a similar if not the same model. An upfront, and transparent approach to shopping for a new vehicle. Refreshing, isn't it? 

Find the right vehicle without jumping through hoops, without worrying about hidden fees and with the knowledge that you’re making the right choice. Amaral Auto Sales stands behind the vehicles we sell and the prices we sell them for.

Amaral Auto Wins Again!

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   26 Aug 2016

For almost 4 decades, Amaral Auto Sales has been serving the communities in and around Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Starting with just Manny Amaral and growing into the family business you know today, we have had many successes and challenges that have helped shape the way we do business today. Since 1976 we have strived to bring our customers only the best customer service paired with high quality vehicles and after years of dedicated service we are proud to be recognized by the Mayor of our community. From winning Car Dealer of the Year in both 2015 and 2016, to the outpouring of community support we receive on a regular basis we are proud to serve the Lyndhurst community and plan on continuing to bring outstanding quality vehicles and our renowned customer service for years to come.

We started off 2016 with a bang and received the Consumer Satisfaction Award for the State of New Jersey in January of 2016 from for the second year in a row. We were also recognized for our success in the used car market. Being recognized by our critics and colleagues for all of our hard work was truly exceptional but welcoming the Mayor of Lyndhurst, Robert B. Giangeruso who congratulated us on behalf of our city, was an extremely special moment for all of us. We invite you to take a look at the Mayor’s speech below:

From all of us here at Amaral Auto Sales we want to say thank you to the Mayor, the Board of Commissioners and the community itself for helping us reach our goals and recognizing all the hard work we’ve put in over the years. We encourage you to stop by and visit our dealership and see what all the hype is about or contact us with any questions you may have.

How Financing Your Auto Service Can Help You Stay On Track

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   26 Aug 2016

Amaral Auto Sales is a full service operation. We provide our clients with more than just an impressive selection of luxury used vehicles, we also have a talented service team that helps you keep your vehicle on the road for years to come. Even when we stay on top of regular maintenance, there are services that may spring up. Regular use of your vehicle can lead to wear and tear. When our expert technicians perform a service, we are always performing quality control. If we notice an issue we will bring it to your attention. Helping our community is part of our business, and we are happy to extend our financial services to the maintenance department. Unexpected maintenance costs can be stressful so we have developed a financing program to help ease the burden and get you the service you need.

To take advantage of our low interest financing on maintenance services, simply talk to our staff at the dealership. Synchrony Financial will finance your vehicle service with us and give you the opportunity to pay us back. This is a great way to have the cost of your service covered especially when the cost is unexpected. Imagine coming in for a routine oil change and leaving with a bill for an unexpected engine repair. For a spend up to $198, you have 23 days at 0% interest. That’s over three weeks to pay back your service, interest free. If your spend was larger than that, ranging from $199-$750, you get 0% financing for the first six months, increasing to only 2.5% for any additional time. With these two flexible options available, we can help to remove the financial burden associated with vehicle maintenance, allowing your car, truck SUV to get the service it truly needs, now.

In conjunction with helping you finance your vehicle service, signing up for our financing program gives you the opportunity to start building a great credit score. We will send you the Amaral Auto Sales credit card. This card reports to all three major credit bureaus and can help you to maintain or increase your credit score. Use this card on future Amaral services. This revolving line of credit is a useful tool that can help you stay on top of regular vehicle services such as oil changes, brake systems checks, and more.

If you have any questions or concerns about vehicle financing or maintenance financing with Amaral Auto Sales, contact our finance department today. Our experts can help guide you through our simple process and get you the financing you need today. We’ve been helping our clients in the Lyndhurst, New Jersey area stay on the road in high quality vehicles since the 1970’s. Learn more about Amaral Auto Sales and stop by the dealership today.

Welcome To Amaral Auto Sales New Blog

By: Amaral Auto Sales   |   20 Jun 2016  

Welcome to the Amaral Auto Sales blog! As one of New Jersey’s leading auto professionals, Amaral Auto Sales is proud to represent the interests of our Portuguese community as one of the Top 50 dealerships in the United States, and we want to keep you connected with all of the latest automotive news both local and within the broader community. Stay tuned to our blog for industry trends, advice and updates on current events in the Lyndhurst area. We’re committed to bringing you only the finest luxury, pre-owned vehicles in the area and we are eager to expand our web experience to serve you better. Questions or comments? Contact Amaral Auto Sales today at (201) 351-2990.

Voted 2016 Dealer of the Year in New Jersey

Amaral Auto Sales was founded in 1978 where it served the Harrison New Jersey area for a period of 28 years. Its colourful history coincides with the arrival of Brazilian and Portuguese immigrants to Newark and surrounding regions in the mid-1970's. In 2007, Amaral Auto Sales uprooted and relocated to Lyndhurst, New Jersey where a large portion of its clientele are the Portuguese-speaking community. During an annual auto convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Amaral Auto Sales was recognized and awarded the impressive title as the "Dealer of the Year" for 2016. Last year, Amaral Auto Sales also won the "Consumer Satisfaction Award" (Customer Satisfaction Award), which is awarded to only 11 dealerships in the state of New Jersey. With multiple awards and credentials, Amaral Auto Sales is a leader in the car industry and its name is quickly gaining national recognition. On the popular website, which is an online platform aimed at providing trusted reviews about car dealers and service centers, Amaral Auto Sales has achieved a multitude of positive feedback based on exceptional levels of customer service and satisfaction and the honesty and integrity of doing business for almost three decades.

Amaral Auto Sales Is Among the Industry's Best In US

Founded in 2002, DealerRater now boasts more than 2.5 million online reviews from real people. Each and every consumer review is read by site moderators and is posted regardless of score to ensure consumers have access to unbiased accounts regarding public experiences with dealerships and dealers. To date, DealerRater encompasses 41,000 U.S. and Canadian dealerships, including a national network of more than 5,600 certified dealers. Dealer of the Year Award winners were chosen based upon their PowerScore ratings, which are determined using an algorithm that factors the dealership's average DealerRater consumer ratings and the total number of reviews written about the dealership during the 2015 calendar year. As the winner of this award, Amaral Auto Sales represents the importance of customer satisfaction, honesty and integrity, relationship management and customer engagement. At Amaral Auto Sales, we're always looking out for our customers. Get a free quote, enjoy a free air conditioning check-up and book a service appointment for an unforgettable auto experience!

Here at Amaral Auto Sales, we are so thankful to our loyal customer base and community for selecting us for this award. We are grateful for everyone's positive feedback and are excited at the opportunity to continue to serve the local community in our sales, service and detailing departments. We look forward to working with you in the future! 

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