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My CARFAX Service Shop

My CARFAX Service Shop

Did you know that Amaral Auto Service reports your maintenance and repair history to CARFAX?

You may be thinking, "why is this important?"

Well... What is one of the first questions car buyers ask when purchasing a used car?... "Please show me the CARFAX? Do you have the CARFAX? Can I see the CARFAX?"

People that buy used cars want to know if that car was well maintained, had any accidents, how many owners it had, and etc. When a car is well maintained, it has a higher perceived value. That's right, the more you maintain your car and keep records of that maintenance, the more it is worth to a future buyer, whether it is a person off of the street, or if you are trading it to a dealership. The more you take care of your car, the more it will be worth in the future.

The moral of the story is, by bringing your vehicle to My CARFAX Service Shop, you are increasing it's future resale value, and/or trade-in value. 

Next time you come in for service, ask for a FREE CARFAX on your car.

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