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“LA 2018 was the auto show that shocked – for good and bad reasons”

Opinion - Genesis LA Motor Show
Opinion 9 Dec, 2018

Some established names were obsessed with being cool in LA, turning their backs on conventional cars. Big mistake, says Mike Rutherford

McLaren 720S Spider revealed with £237k price tag

News 9 Dec, 2018

McLaren has launched the convertible version of the 720S supercar with a folding carbonfibre roof and 710bhp

VW to still build combustion-engined cars as late as 2040 and beyond

Volkswagen T-Roc - VW badge
News 7 Dec, 2018

VW will introduce its last combustion-engined platform in 2026, but will still build fossil-fuel cars for many years after

Bloodhound SSC’s 1,000mph land-speed record attempt scrapped

Bloodhound SSC
News 7 Dec, 2018

The British-led Bloodhound SSC land-speed record project will sell its assets, following the collapse of its finances