Business History of Amaral Auto Sales

Amaral Auto Sales is more than your average local used car dealership. Manny Amaral started Amaral Auto Sales and Services in a 1 car garage in Harrison, New Jersey. A recent immigrant, the main focus of the business at this time was rebuilding starters and alternators but over the past 36 years the business has grown into the successful automotive dealership you’ve come to know. Well the vehicles we work with may have changed over the past few decades, the way we do business has stayed the same. Get to know our history and see how we built our business from the ground up.


Mr. Amaral started Amaral Auto Electric, Harrison NJ on 5 th Street in a 1 car garage.

Amaral Auto Sales may have started small but grew to the business you know through lots of hard work and family cooperation.


Amaral Auto Sales moved locations to 715 Frank E. Rodgers, Blvd. It was an old Texaco Station with 2 pumps and 3 car garage with an office.


The business expanded across the street with commuter parking for the PATH Train which catapulted his business to a larger scale– began selling cars on request-only basis.


By 1990 the garage would grow to a full scale body shop.

Manny Amaral working hard in the early days at Amaral Auto Sales and Service.


After 9/11 many commuters began to work in NJ instead of NYC since they lost their office space in the World Trade Center, causing one commuter lot to be empty. Mr. Amaral soon began to sell cars on a larger scale to utilize the empty space in the commuter lot.


Mr. Amaral’s sons, Michael and Neil joined the family business.

The Amaral boys, Michael and Neil, with their father Manny  just a few years before joining the family business.


The city of Harrison decided to redevelop Mr. Amaral’s Property and other surrounding properties and using the Eminent Domain Law to subsequently force the landowners off of their land.


Amaral Auto Sales finalized a lease with the Demassi Family and moved into their new home at 295 Park Avenue in Lyndhurst, NJ.


Just 14 months after Hurricane Irene, Lyndhurst and The Amaral’s endured the worst storm in the history of NJ, Hurricane Sandy. They rebuilt their business alongside their neighbors.

Manny Amaral working hard on his car.


Neil F. Amaral, General Manager of Amaral Auto Sales was invited to the most prestigious Automotive Conference in the USA, The Automotive Leadership Roundtable. Neil was the 1st Independent Auto Dealer ever to attend to this event.


Amaral Auto Sales and Service received their 300th Review on maintaining their perfect scored of 5 out of 5 Stars.


At the CBT Automotive Conference in Atlanta, GA, the CEO of Gary Tucker (NJ native), personally congratulated Neil and his family for winning the 2016 Used Car Dealer of the Year for the state of New Jersey (left). Bruce and Neil also met some big names from the NFL and TrueCar at CBT (right). 

These are just a handful of the highpoints we’ve had over the past few decades. Our business was built on the foundation of family, community and quality service. Get to know us in person and stop by Amaral Auto Sales and Services to see how was can help you. Contact us online or over the phone today or start shopping our online inventory.

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