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At Amaral Auto Sales, we want you to take pride in the vehicle you drive, but we also want you to feel safe every time you get behind the wheel. That’s why we’ve created the AAA Program. All of our pre-owned vehicles must pass a certified checklist before they’re listed for sale on our lot. From interior to exterior, all of the vehicles for sale at Amaral Auto Sales undergo a rigorous inspection and a final road test to ensure that whichever vehicle you purchase from us is of the highest quality and backed by our safety ratings. Our AAA program has partnered with Dealer Renew to bring you the best customer experience yet.

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To bring you peace of mind on the road, Amaral Auto Sales, in partnership with Dealer Renew, completes a thorough inspection on all vehicles in order to generate a Certification Report. The Dealer Renew program is a certified checklist that lists crucial elements on your vehicle that must meet national standards prior to being driven. The interior, exterior, engine, underbody and overall history of the vehicle are assessed and then a road test is performed. Prior to the delivery of your vehicle, these checks and inspections must have a passing rating, or we will not sell them! Any item(s) that did not pass this 100+ point inspection have been replaced or repaired for your personal safety and convenience. At Amaral Auto Sales, each and every vehicle on our lot is insured under the Dealer Renew program.

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Before driving off the lot, you want to be sure that the car you're driving is safe, reliable and secure. When inspecting a vehicle's qualifications or history, we verify that the vehicle has a clean title and that the VIN number issued to the vehicle matches its paperwork. We also cross-reference the mileage to ensure only vehicles under 120,000 miles make the cut and that any vehicle we sell is 10 years old or newer. If there are unacceptable after-market conditions, we flag them immediately.

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Road Test

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How does your vehicle perform on the road? With a road test, we examine key factors and indicators such as the vehicle's start-up abilities, shifting and braking performance, cruise control and steering capabilities and acceleration. At no point should there be excessive noises or overpowering smells emitted from the vehicle, which is why we are committed to thoroughly inspecting all operational components like the engine and exhaust. A road test also takes into account the vehicle's heating and cooling systems, and all gauges and instruments located within the vehicle to ensure smooth operations.

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Engine Compartment

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The engine is the bloodline to your vehicle. If it sputters from a damaged electrical circuit, it's simply no good. The engine compartment inspection is where we analyze the overall condition of all electrical cables and wiring to ensure that the vehicle you're driving is not a danger to yourself or others. We also analyze the condition of transmission, washer, power steering and coolant fluids and assess individual temperatures to ensure nothing will overheat or leak. If there are any cracks, leaks or misalignments in the driver belts or hoses, these are replaced. We also check your oil level and the condition of your fuel and do a thorough inspection under the hood to make sure your vehicle is safe from fluid leaks.

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The inside of your car is where you spend all of your time, so it's important the condition is top-notch. During an interior inspection, navigation, audio and lighting systems are analyzed with careful attention to dashboard lights, warning lights and trunk lights. An interior inspection aims to ensure that you as a driver have a comfortable and safe experience, so we make sure everything is working as it should, whether it's about your seats being able to recline and fold, whether or not all of your locking systems are in order and making sure that heating and cooling systems are functioning to their best ability.

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Your car is a reflection of your personality and it's important that it's condition remains impeccable. During an exterior inspection, we make sure that the grill, roof rack and trim are all attached properly and that all lights located on the vehicle are working properly and without delay. We inspect the windshield wiper system and washer blades and test the hood and truck release, sliding doors, power lift-gate and any other motion systems on the vehicle to guarantee an enjoyable and stress-free driving experience.

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Although you can't see it unless you crawl under, the chassis or underbody of your vehicle is very important to your car's overall health. The underbody inspection allows us to test your wheels, exhaust and braking systems to determine your car's ability to perform as desired. It is important to check the undercarriage for damage, which could be a later indication of unwanted leaks or rusting to other parts of the vehicle. During this inspection we also analyze the overall condition of the vehicle's shocks and springs and double-check that the tires you are using correlate with the needs of the vehicle. We even throw in a spare tire!

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At Amaral Auto Sales, we believe that the key to making our clients feel right at home in our dealership is through the provision of added services to bring you peace of mind.

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Ever wondered what your car went through with its past owner? With CarFax, you get instant access to all of the information that you need to know.  From accident reports to towing history, mechanical breakdowns to minor repairs, CarFax gives you full disclosure on your vehicle so there are no surprises down the road. CarFax even provides information on the vehicle's operational purpose, whether it was used recreationally, for personal use, by a business or as part of a fleet. Get a detailed report on your vehicle's condition and history with CarFax!

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Become educated on car shopping based on leading industry data. With CarStory, consumers get access to a 24/7 shopping experience with real-time information. At Amaral Auto Sales, using CarStory lets us provide our valued customers with an elevated used vehicle inventory by streamlining our purchases. Compare our in-stock inventory now!

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Founded in 2002, DealerRater now boasts more than 2.5 million online reviews from real people. Each and every consumer review is read by site moderators and is posted regardless of score to ensure consumers have access to unbiased accounts regarding public experiences with dealerships and dealers. Amaral Auto Sales is the proud recipient of the 2016 Used Car Dealer of the Year award and the winner of the 2015 and 2016 Consumer Satisfaction Award. Amaral Auto Sales has achieved a multitude of positive feedback on the DealerRater website. With DealerRater, you can see what other customers are saying about a dealership and share your own experiences. See what our customers are saying about Amaral Auto Sales for yourself!

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Assured Vehicle Protection

Every AAACPP vehicle from Amaral Auto Sales comes with a warranty. When you buy from our Certified Used Car Program, you immediately get access to a Used Vehicle $200 Deductible Limited Warranty Certificate as per our Assured Vehicle Protection. For the first 6 month or 6,000 miles, you will be covered on most repairs. At Amaral Auto Sales, enjoy bumper-to-bumper protection and peace of mind, knowing that all of our vehicles are insured by Dealer Renew

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Non-Certified Inventory

Amaral Auto Sales has a stellar line up of new and pre-owned vehicles. But, not all of them hold the Amaral Seal of Certification. If a vehicle on the lot is older than 10 years, has excessive mileage on it, or has extensive mechanical damage, it is classified as non-certified. While this is not to say that these are 'bad vehicles', at Amaral Auto Sales, we have included a 90-day Powertrain warranty on vehicles that make the non-certified list. A Powertrain warranty generally covers the engine, transmission and drivetrain of the vehicle. With our Assured Vehicle Protection (AVP), you get a Used Vehicle $200 Deductible Limited Warranty Certificate coverage for the first 3 months, or 3,000 miles.

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